Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Cafe V

Vegetarian coffee house/bistro with some vegan dishes

Some dishes are Kurdish/Middle Eastern

Personally, I cannot comment on vegan food, because of my aversion of milk substitutes, especially soy-based ones (to which I am slightly sensitive) and a general belief that soy-based latte is something served in penal colonies to the really horrible prisoners.

Therefore, I will leave the stage to Lizzy from the Trying Veganism blog, who writes: "They have a few vegan dishes, too, which I'm eager to try. For example I've never eaten vegan mozzarella before. Is it any good? Well I guess I'll know after ordering their vegan pizza. [...] I only had a soy latte last time (they didn't use alpro though, it tasted kind of dusty; I love alpro, I think it's the best soy milk ever)". Lizzy was later back in Cafe V, trying a huge salad.

Another review could be found in Shaina's blog: "It is in a very cool old building. I had a dish with spatchel (thick German pasta) and a raspberry beer that is a famous German specialty. It was good, but too sweet to have more then one glass."

The Basics

Lausitzer Platz 12, 10997 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
+49 30 6124505




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