Thursday, 27 March 2008


The Basics:
Unter den Linden 5, 10117 Berlin (near the Staatsoper, buses 100, 200, TXL)

+49-(0)30- 20268 3

URL: Opernpalais Berlin

Accessible? partly. The regular toilets are in the cellar floor (after a flight of stairs, no lift); however, there is one place in the restaurant floor, which is accessible for those having difficulty going all the way with the stairs, but is not wide enough for a wheelchair user.

Child-Friendliness? As long as they act like good Victorian children and are seen but not heard. I think that older children would enjoy the unique atmosphere, but younger children who want to run around or play a little on the table will have to go elsewhere. No nappy changing table.

Cafe well known for amazing cakes

Related Tours/Sites:
Near Unter den Linden, the University, the Museum Island, and of course, the Opera (Staatsoper).
Could be integrated with a general instrodutory tour in Berlin or with customised Berlin tours

One of the best known cafes (serves food, but it is not really a restaurant) in Berlin, with great cakes and majestic feeling of a classical central European cafe. Ideal for those looking for a bit of atmosphere. Prices are a bit high (relatively to Berlin coffee houses), but the food/cakes are worth it.

BeenThere users rave: "offers an experience unequalled anywhere that I know of. The opulent surroundings are only upstaged by the wonderful choice of delicious cakes [...] not to be missed!" and "This is really a nice place to be! I had lunch there with a colleague while working at the German Foreign Office next door and found everything crisp and pleasant. Although I am not a "kuchen" lover, I must admit the offer of cakes is tremendous."

We have also enjoyed this place. Beware that the service is somewhat slow and the prices a bit up-market. If you like the cakes, you can also enjoy their cafe in Gruenewald.

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