Monday, 31 March 2008

Papa NÔ

The Basics:
Three branches:
Warschauerstr. 81a, 10243 Berlin (U/S Warschauer Strasse or Frankfurter Tor)
Oranienstr. 191, 10999 Berlin (U Kotbusser Tor)
Danziger Straße 11, 10435 Berlin (U Eberswalder Strasse)

+49-(0)30-20 07 88 13

URL: Papa No



Japanese and Sushi, fast food style, but with real quality

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Has many vegetarian dishes, but is neither full vegetarian nor (consequently) vegan. Another plus is that it is one of the places that really enforces the smoking ban, and did so even before they were required to by law. Saints.
Papa No is also big on take-out and deliveries.

Ashy Macbean has a blog about vegetarian restaurants, and if you're vegetarians or like vegetarian food, it is worth checking. In any case, regarding Papa No, it says: "[...] we chose Papa No's because it advertised vegetarian sushi. We had sushi with avocado and Sesame seed followed by veggie pad thai - both of them were delicious! If you're in Berlin, Papa No's is on Oranienstrasse 191, near Kottbusser Tor or Gorlitzer Banhof U-bhan station. Highly recommended.."
As we noted above, there are also non-vegetarian dishes in Papa No (and we can testify that they are equally good).

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