Friday, 7 March 2008


The Basics:

An international chain with several branches/franchises:

(1) Potsdamer Platz 5 , 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten
+49 (0)30-23 00 50 05

(2) Augsburger Str. 43, 10789 Berlin-Mitte
+49 (0)30-88 71 41 95

URL: Vapiano in Berlin



Pasta etc. slow food in fast pace

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Both could be integrated with a general Berlin tour.
First Branch: Potsdamer Platz; near the Marriott
Could be integrated with the Weimar Berlin, Third Reich Berlin Tour, Jewish Tour in West Berlin or with customised Berlin tours

Second Branch: City-West, near the Zoo and the Swissotel/Concorde
Could be integrated with Jewish Tour in West Berlin or with customised Berlin tours

A pasta restaurant with a fast food system: you get an e-card in the entrance. Everything you order at the counters (pasta, wine, desserts, etc.) is now tipped into the card. After the meal, you walk out through a till, where you pay according to the amount on your card. No more arguing with your friends "who ordered the lobster", no more waiting for service when you're dead hungry. On the other hand, fast food is also fast food, even when it is quality pasta in fair prices, and the cafeteria feeling exists.

On Been There, user Shatgoth liked the place: "Fantastic pasta bar near Potsdamer Platz. You pick any pasta and any sauce and then wait at the counter while the chef cooks it for you. They use fresh pasta so you only have to wait a few minutes. They have pots of fresh herbs at the tables that you can help yourself to. When you go in you are given a card, which you hand over to the chef who swipes it for you, then if you want to order drinks or desserts hand the card to the counter staff. When you leave, give the card in at the till and then you pay. This is the best pasta I've ever eaten and prices are really reasonable, from about 5 euros. I particularly recommend the rustica ravioli and pasta with lemon and mint. It's so good I went twice!"

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