Thursday, 21 February 2008

Brecht Keller

The Basics:

Chausseestrasse 125, 10115 Berlin
+49 (0)30-2823843




German; Austrian/Central European

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Could be integrated with the Cold War tour, Classic Jewish Berlin tour or with customised Berlin tours

This German restaurant is located in Brechthaus, Bertold Brecht's house in Berlin; and serves recipes allegedly originally by his wife, Helene Weigel

Not exactly a review. Matt Ruff writes in his Blog: "We press on, and eventually arrive at Brecht-Haus-Berlin, a cellar restaurant across the street from the cemetery where Bertolt Brecht is buried. According to the menu, all dishes are prepared using Mrs. Brecht's recipes. Mrs. Brecht clearly knew what she was about -- I have a great wienerschnitzel, frittatasuppen (bouillon with vegetables and slivers of herb pancake), and, for desert, a gigantic hollowed-out lemon stuffed with lemon ice cream (the other ice cream flavors on offer are coconut and chocolate, which raises the question of what the chocolate ice cream would come stuffed in)." A word about those ice-creams (I don't have the heart to break it to Ruff myself, but these are so-commercialised machine ice-cream and could be obtained at - almost - any mediocre restaurant; I would have taken something else as dessert at a German restaurant).

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