Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Rote Harfe/Orient Lounge

The Basics:

Oranienstr. 13, 10999 Berlin
+49 (0)30-69 56 67 62

URL: Rote Harfe ; Orient Lounge



Turkish/Mediterranean food, stylish design, and an "Oriental" lounge, with shishas above the restaurant.

Related Tours/Sites:

Could be integrated with the Kreuzebrg tour or with customised Berlin tours



On the Boston Globe, Rachel Nolan writes about the best places for brunch in Berlin:
Sitting outdoors is a big part of the Kreuzberg brunch experience: Locals encouraged by heat lamps indulge well into the winter, sipping "milchkaffee," a bowl of foamed milk and coffee, through the gap between their hat and scarf, with their dog wrapped around their feet. [...] While taking in the scene don't miss the couscous salad or the spiced spinach- and cheese-stuffed mushrooms."

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