Sunday, 24 February 2008

Kanzler Eck

The Basics:

Reinhardstr. 44, 10117 Berlin





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Government district, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum
Could be integrated with the Third Reich Tour; with the Classic Jewish Berlin tour; with an architectural tour, a guided visit to Hamburger Bahnhof museum or with customised Berlin tours

German restaurant with a "gimmick": it serves the favourite dish of each chancellor. You can boldly try Halmut Kohl's favourite Saumagen, for example. One of the benefits is that because German chancellors came from different regions of the country, you can try different regional dishes.

The Heidelbergerin Blog: "We ate at the nearby Kanzler Eck, a restaurant which features the supposed favorite meals of German chancellors past and present. It wasn't too busy and we got to sit right below portraits of all the chancellors. Konrad Adenauer looked pretty badass. (I think my sister ordered his dish, Sauerbraten, out of fear of what he'd do if she didn't.) Willy Brandt looked smarmy, and Ludwig Erhart reminded me of my high school principal. Helmut Kohl was sort of jolly- and adorable-looking. How appropriate for someone from the Pfalz! His dish was Saumagen, which Damon ordered. I ordered the Roulade, the favorite dish of a physicist who came from the former East Germany. I hope everyone knows the name of that chancellor! The service at the restaurant was super-friendly and we even got a little free seafood appetizer."

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