Monday, 25 February 2008

Satt and Selig

The Basics:

Carl-Schurz-Str. 47, 13597 Berlin


Accessible? There is wheelchair accessible WC. However, there is a small stair just before it.

Child-Friendliness? There is a nappy changing table (in the disabled toilets); and there is a small play corner inside; outside, swings in the inner garden.

German and international

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Could be integrated with the Spandau Tour; or with customised Berlin tours

German restaurant with many international dishes in an old, romantic building in the Old City of Spandau. Friendly staff and great accessibility.

In February 2008, we ate at Satt und Selig. All courses were very good and well-prepared, although a "Blue Cheeseburger" (that is, with blue cheese), which is listed as one of the house specialities, was standard, not more than that; a Creole Chicken was much better; desserts are house-made (except for ice-cream) and even the bread and butter are made in the restaurant. The prices are moderate, and we have finished at about 18 EUR p.p including drinks, entrée (salad) and a tip. In the summer, the exterior offers a view of the Spandau Nikolaikirche; there is also an internal yard with spring swings.

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